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HomoBackpacker In the world of travel

There is a species of travelers known as HomoBackpackers. These adventurers have a particular focus on their travel style, relying on the Lonely Planet guidebook as their “Bible” and using the website to book accommodation. They are adventure lovers and look for inexpensive ways to explore the world.

HomoBackpackers are not a gregarious species, that is, they do not travel in large groups. They mostly move in pairs, enjoying each other’s company during their travels. However, at sunset, it is common for them to form small herds at the feeders and hostels recommended by the Lonely Planet guide, sharing experiences and recommendations.

HomoBackpackers are passionate travelers looking for affordable and authentic adventures.

Although they are generally calm, some specimens of this species can become aggressive if called “tourists”. This is because HomoBackpackers consider themselves authentic travelers, away from mass tourism and seek to immerse themselves in the local culture of the destinations they visit.

Within the category of HomoBackpacker, there are more radical subspecies known as the sabbatic or overlander. These subspecies differ in their particular focus on travel. On the one hand, we have the liberal professionals with time and potential to tour America from end to end. These people have the economic capacity and the necessary time to embark on long and extensive adventures throughout the continent. On the other hand, we have the young man with little income and a lot of imagination, who wants to see the world and a huge imagination to sleep cheap and eat for very few dollars. These young backpackers use their creativity to find cheap ways to travel and enjoy new experiences.


Embracing adventures.

In short, HomoBackpackers are passionate travelers looking for affordable and authentic adventures. They use the Lonely Planet guide as their main reference and book accommodation through Whether they are couples traveling together or individuals exploring the world on their own, HomoBackpackers find creative ways to enjoy life on the road.

Join the Tribe!

If you are a lover of adventure and budget exploration, the HomoBackpackers could be your traveling tribe! Share your own experiences and recommendations in the comments and join the community of travelers who share the same passion. Travel, discover and live life to the fullest as a HomoBackpacker!

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J. Ferreira


Sep 27, 2023