Harness the Power of Revenue Management with Roitels’ Service Packages and Witness Unprecedented Financial Growth

Harness the Power of Revenue Management with Roitels’ Service Packages and Witness Unprecedented Financial Growth

Welcome to Roitels, where revenue management optimization becomes a reality. Discover how our packages can increase your revenue and ensure the continued success of your business.

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Discover our onboarding service

We offer a customized revenue management system,
designed to fit your specific needs.

Discover our onboarding service

We offer a customized revenue management system, designed to fit your specific needs.

Quick Guide
to the Onboarding Process:

Quick Guide to the Onboarding Process:

We will collect information about your property and, based on this information and after developing the necessary API integrations, we will create and implement a personalized revenue management strategy. This strategy will help you start receiving more reservations and have more satisfied guests in a short amount of time.

Step 1: Initial call

Once you have selected Roitels, it’s time to introduce you to your Project Manager and plan your experience. During the initial call, your Project Manager will guide you through the setup process, review the required information, and schedule follow-up calls and video conferences.

Step 2: Custom software development

It’s time for our developers to work their magic. Custom algorithms, databases, data mining, and API integrations are just some of the ingredients in our unique recipe. The result will be a personalized system that is fully activated and ready for revenue management.

Step 3: Creation of strategies, rates, and unique offers

Your team of technical specialists in revenue management, led by your Project Manager, will collaborate effectively with the development team to create personalized strategies that will guarantee your business’s success.

Step 4: Configuration of all strategies, prices, and offers

We will configure all the strategies, prices, and offers in your PMS, channel manager, booking engine, RMS, and OTAs.

Step 5: Ready to compete and win

After the service activation, our software will be ready to work in real-time, and your Roitels team will be available 24/7 to manage your revenue management.

The end result of the Roitels onboarding process is that your team will be prepared for more bookings and more satisfied guests after the service activation and setup completion. The process includes a meeting with the assigned Project Manager, the configuration of strategies, prices, and offers on different platforms, and the creation of a personalized revenue management strategy.

Terms and conditions for the Roitels Onboarding process

– The estimated timeframe is an approximate calculation and may vary depending on the property. In general, the setup process requires 3-4 weeks.

– We will configure the settings on external platforms to integrate correctly with Roitels systems. This service includes the configuration of the PMS, channel manager, booking engine, online travel agencies (OTAs), channels, and third-party applications. We will obtain information from the property management system and make changes to property websites.

– The client is responsible for providing the necessary usernames and passwords for authorized Roitels personnel to access property information.

– Roitels, through the assigned Project Manager, is responsible for adding the base fees or providing the correct base fees and intervals for the Coach to enter them. Please note that the property owner will need to confirm this information before continuing with the onboarding process.

– For confidentiality and security reasons, information about the processes will only be provided to the main contact of the property.

After the service activation and configuration completion, your Roitels team will be ready to secure more reservations and ensure more satisfied guests.

Roitels Revenue Management
F&B Service

Roitels Revenue Management F&B service is a service designed to optimize revenue and profitability for your food and beverage department.

Enhance the financial performance of your Food and Beverage Department

With a range of flexible rates to choose from, we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our service includes data analysis, price optimization, inventory management, competition analysis, promotion and marketing strategies, and personalized advice. With our industry experience and expert guidance, you can maximize revenue, control costs, and achieve long-term success in the hospitality industry.

Benefits and Advantages:

1. Income Increase:

Our service is designed to optimize the income generated by your food and beverage department. Through data analysis, price optimization, and inventory management, we help you maximize your earning potential.

2. Custom Solutions:

We offer flexible rates that allow you to choose the level of service that best suits your needs and budget. Whether you need a basic solution, a more comprehensive option, or a fully customized approach, we have the right rate for you.

3. Expert Advice:

Our team of revenue management experts provide personalized advice tailored to your specific business needs. We analyze the competition, develop promotional and marketing strategies, and offer guidance to help you achieve maximum profitability.

4. Full Features:

Our premium rate includes additional features such as competitor analysis, marketing and promotion strategies, and personalized advice. We go beyond the standard fee to provide a more complete revenue management solution.

5. Industry Experience:

With years of experience in the hospitality industry, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of managing revenue for food and beverage departments. Our experience allows us to offer effective solutions that generate results.

6. Profitable:

Our service is designed to offer a strong return on investment. By optimizing your revenue and profitability, we help you generate more revenue while keeping costs under control.

7. Professional Support:

Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional customer support. We are available to answer your questions, address concerns, and provide ongoing support to ensure the success of your revenue management efforts.

Premium chain support

Premium Support is a service offered by Roitels that provides customers with a higher level of technical assistance and support. Here are the details of the benefits, features, and price of the Premium Support Level:

Priority access to the Roitels technical support team via phone and email

This ensures that clients receive faster and more personalized attention for any technical issues or queries related to their revenue management strategies.

Benefits and Advantages:

1. Guaranteed response within 24 hours

With the Premium Level of support, clients can expect to receive responses to their queries within a maximum of 24 hours. This ensures prompt resolution of problems or doubts, which is crucial in an environment where efficiency and customer satisfaction are essential to adapt to market changes.

2. Personalized training sessions in revenue management

Revenue management is a vital practice in the hotel industry for maximizing revenue and optimizing room occupancy. The Premium Level of support includes personalized training sessions that enable hotel managers to acquire knowledge and skills in this area, contributing to the success and profitability of their establishment.

3. Priority access to Premium training content

The Premium Level of support also provides preferential access to high-quality educational content related to hotel management. This can include webinars, documents, and exclusive resources that help hotel managers stay updated and improve their professional skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick and comprehensive answers to your most pressing queries in our expertly crafted Frequently Asked Questions section

What is Roitels?

Roitels is a multinational technology and consulting company that specializes in revenue management for independent hotels and hostels worldwide. We offer customized solutions to increase revenue and optimize operations by leveraging advanced mathematical models, real-time data analysis, and personalized machine learning algorithms, among other services tailored to each client.

How is Roitels different from traditional revenue management systems (RMS)?

Roitels provides integrated solutions and consulting services for revenue management, offering a cohesive and customized approach tailored to each client’s specific needs. In contrast to traditional RMS, Roitels develops unique software solutions for each client, enabling improved integration and optimization of management processes. Additionally, Roitels provides personalized and adaptable solutions, expert support and advice, continuous innovation and updates, and fosters long-term relationships to ensure the success of your revenue management strategy.

What benefits in my business will Roitels VS traditional RMS provide?

The improvements that Roitels provides in compared to traditional RMS include customized software solutions, personalized and adaptable solutions, expert support and advice, continuous innovation and updates, and a long-term relationship to ensure the success of the revenue management strategy.

How can Roitels help increase revenue and optimize operations?

Roitels utilizes customized software tools to optimize prices in real-time, compare rates, manage dynamic competitive sets, and efficiently distribute offers. By leveraging advanced mathematical models, real-time data analysis, and personalized machine learning algorithms, Roitels can significantly increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. Our goal is to increase bookings on low-demand days and maximize prices on high-demand days.

How does Roitels stay up to date with the latest trends in revenue management?

As a technology company, Roitels is constantly aware of the latest trends and technologies in revenue management. We continuously innovate and update our software solutions to keep our clients competitive in the market.

What benefits does Roitels offer in terms of cost reduction and increased flexibility for hostels and independent hotels?

Roitels aims to reduce costs and increase flexibility for hostels and independent hotels by utilizing advanced technology and automation, Roitels helps streamline revenue management processes, reducing manual effort and minimizing operational costs. Our solutions also provide flexibility in adapting to market changes, allowing hostels and hotels to quickly adjust pricing, inventory, and distribution strategies to optimize revenue in dynamic market conditions.

Can Roitels provide support and guidance to hostels and independent hotels in terms of design, construction, and overall capital expenditures?

Roitels primarily focuses on revenue management and technology solutions for hostels and independent hotels. While they may not provide direct support for design, construction, or capital expenditures, their highly trained and industry-experienced team can offer valuable insights and recommendations related to design, construction, and overall capital expenditures.

How does Roitels help hostels and independent hotels improve their return on investment (ROI) and compete globally?

Roitels helps independent hotels improve ROI by optimizing revenue management strategies, increasing revenue, and reducing costs. Through advanced technology, personalized solutions, and expert guidance, Roitels helps independent hotels compete globally by leveraging data-driven decisions, enhancing guest experiences, and staying ahead of market trends.

What does price and competition analysis involve?

Price and competition analysis involves evaluating the prices of your competitors in real-time and comparing them to your own prices. Our revenue management experts, supported by our RMS, will help you stay competitive by adjusting your prices based on market conditions.

What does price segmentation imply?

Price segmentation involves creating different rates and packages for different customer segments. Our revenue management experts will customize your prices to meet the needs and preferences of each segment, maximizing revenue by offering personalized options.

What does it mean to implement dynamic pricing strategies?

Implementing dynamic pricing strategies involves adjusting rates in real-time based on demand and other factors. Our RMS, managed by our experts, will take advantage of revenue opportunities by optimally adjusting your prices according to changing market conditions.

What are personalized offers and promotions?

Personalized offers and promotions are strategies designed to attract different customer segments from various booking sources. These strategies may include discounts, special packages, or other incentives. Our revenue management experts will increase your bookings and maximize revenue by tailoring offers to the preferences of each customer segment.

What is advanced data analysis and reporting?

Advanced data analysis involves using scientific studies, tools, and techniques to identify patterns, trends, and revenue opportunities. Reporting provides detailed information about the performance and profitability of your business, allowing you to monitor performance constantly.

How can we help you develop upselling strategies for additional services?

Our team will work with you to develop personalized upselling strategies. These strategies will focus on promoting and selling additional services to increase revenue per customer. We will identify opportunities and develop effective strategies, providing training in advanced upselling techniques to your teams.

How can we improve the efficiency of your distribution channels?

Our revenue management experts will analyze your distribution channels and optimize them for better results. We will evaluate and adjust your distribution strategies to increase direct bookings and reduce distribution costs. Continuous improvement is our approach to this process.

How will Roitels keep me informed about market trends?

Your assigned project manager will monitor market trends and provide you with updated information on customer demands and preferences. This will keep you aware of the latest trends and enable you to adapt your strategies effectively.

Does Roitels offer training and mentoring programs in revenue management?

Roitels offers comprehensive training and mentoring programs in revenue management. These programs are specifically designed for directors and managers, aiming to enhance collaboration with Roitels. By providing practical skills and advanced knowledge, our programs help increase efficiency and productivity in revenue management.

Does Roitels provide ongoing technical support and advice?

Roitels is committed to providing ongoing technical support and advice. Our team of revenue management technicians is readily available to address any questions or problems you may encounter. We are dedicated to offering constant guidance to help you maximize your revenue management results.

Can Roitels help me implement technology that improves my business?

Yes, our technicians can assist you in selecting and implementing the most suitable tools and software for your business. This will optimize your processes, services, and management, leading to improved efficiency and performance.

How does Roitels manage and improve my hotel's online reputation?

Our consultants provide advice and support to effectively manage and enhance your online reputation. This includes continuous monitoring of comments and reviews online, as well as training your team on how to respond appropriately. Together, we will ensure a positive and appealing image for potential clients in the digital environment.

How does Roitels analyze demand and forecast occupancy?

RoiForecast utilizes historical data, external factors, mathematical models, custom algorithms, and machine learning techniques to conduct comprehensive analysis and generate accurate forecasts of future demand and occupancy for your hostel or hotel. This enables strategic decision-making and effective income optimization.

How are customer loyalty programs implemented?

Our consultants are available to assist you in implementing programs that foster repeat bookings and enhance guest loyalty. This may involve creating a points program, offering exclusive member benefits, and implementing personalized communications to strengthen customer relationships.

Can Roitels assist hostels and independent hotels in building a strong loyalty program to compete with larger hotel chains?

Yes, Roitels can assist Hostels and independent hotels in creating and implementing a strong loyalty program. We understand the importance of guest loyalty in the competitive hotel industry and can provide guidance on loyalty program design, implementation, and management. Roitels helps Hostels and independent hotels build strong relationships with their guests and enhance guest loyalty through personalized experiences and targeted marketing campaigns.

How do you develop and execute long-term revenue management strategies?

Our consultants collaborate with you to develop and execute strategies that maximize long-term revenue. This includes setting clear objectives, devising strategic tactics, and continuously monitoring results to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.

How are distribution channels analyzed and agreements negotiated?

Our consultants possess the expertise to analyze your existing distribution channels and negotiate agreements with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and other distribution partners. This optimization of sales channels will enhance the visibility and reservations of your hotel.

How quantum computing and data analysis work in hospitality?

Quantum computing and data analysis have various applications in the tourism industry. They can handle big data, perform natural language processing tasks, enable machine learning for prediction and analysis, and optimize processes. These technologies offer faster and more efficient ways to analyze customer preferences, sentiment analysis, demand forecasting, and routing challenges.

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