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Generation Z’s Influence on the Hospitality Industry: A Shift Towards Authentic Experiences and Sustainable Deals

Hi Mum, no dinner for me tonight, I’ll be sipping cocktails on the beach in Miami.

Hello! The generation known as Generation Z, those born between 1996 and 2010, is significantly reshaping our hospitality industry. By 2026, they will constitute the largest consumer group in the United States, comprising 82 million individuals. Their unique energy and expectations are influencing the travel landscape, pushing hotels and hostels to adapt.

At Roitels Inc, we’re observing a significant shift towards experiences that are centered around Generation Z. This generation actively expresses its opinions on social media platforms, discussing topics such as politics, society, and the environment. Interestingly, 73% of Generation Z are willing to pay more for sustainable deals. They also favor mobile options, digital connections, and online brand interactions.

The independent hospitality sector is ideally positioned to capitalize on these trends. They can provide unique, authentic experiences and support local communities, which aligns perfectly with Generation Z’s interest in engaging with local cultures.

At Roitels Inc, we’re observing a significant shift towards experiences that are centered around Generation Z.

Hostels, in particular, hold a clear advantage due to their cost-effectiveness and social interaction. Cheaper rates make them appealing to budget-conscious travelers, including Gen Z. Hostels also foster a sense of community and authenticity through shared spaces that encourage socializing. Meeting people from different cultures is a thrilling experience for Gen Z, which aligns with their preference for authentic, immersive experiences.

Despite some potential issues with payment methods and limited services compared to hotels, the social aspect and affordability of hostels make them the preferred choice for Gen Z travelers.

Traditional hotel chains are struggling to connect with the Gen Z market. They have yet to find effective ways to adapt and evolve to meet the needs of this generation. Their corporate brand image doesn’t resonate with the lifestyle philosophy of Generation Z.

It’s now clear that a property’s success in attracting Gen Z guests hinges on its ability to cater to their unique preferences and expectations. As Generation Z continues to influence the future of the travel industry, it’s crucial to keep an eye on these developments.
Ivan Amiguet

Ivan A.

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Ivan Amiguet

Ivan A.


Feb 20, 2024