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To managing shared inventory in a Property Management System (PMS):

Room configuration:

  • Make sure rooms are correctly set up in the PMS so they can be split or combined as needed.
  • Define the different configurations of rooms that can be sold as part of shared inventory.

Set prices and availability:

  • Set the right prices and availability for each room configuration in shared inventory.
  • Use the tools provided by the PMS to manage and update prices and availability efficiently.

Use a Channel Manager:

  • A Channel Manager integrated into the PMS will allow you to distribute shared inventory across multiple booking channels from a single, centralized platform.
  • This ensures that prices and availability are always in sync across all channels.

Use a Booking Engine:

  • A Booking Engine integrated into the PMS will allow you to display real-time prices and availability on your website and sell rooms directly to guests.
  • This provides a fast and easy booking experience, reducing OTA fees.

Follow good practices in inventory management:

  • Maintain a varied distribution strategy, advertising your inventory in various distribution channels.
  • Adjust inventory on demand to meet the needs of travelers.
  • Use guest engagement solutions to promote shared hotel inventory.

Remember that these are just some general recommendations. Each PMS may have specific features for shared inventory management. It is important to consult the documentation and support for the PMS you are using for more detailed and specific instructions.

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